Friday 24 November 2017

Prostitute 'bites penis off client'

A prostitute has appeared in court in Zimbabwe charged with assault after she bit the penis of a client who refused to pay her.

Prostitute 'bites penis off client'

Wadzanai Marimo, 34, admitted the assault of one of her regular clients, Brian Shumba, 38, at Gweru Magistrate's Court on Tuesday.

According to police, the pair had been drinking together at a nightclub in Gweru, central Zimbabwe, on Monday night before going back to Miss Marimo's house.

In the bedroom, a dispute broke out after Mr Shumba allegedly refused to pay Miss Marimbo for her services, magistrate Florence Nago heard.

Miss Marimo then bit the end off Mr Shumba's organ, leaving him bleeding profusely, before spitting it out in her garden.

Several hours later, the unfortunate patron was found unconscious and taken to the Gweru Provincial Hospital. On Tuesday, he shuffled into court, in obvious discomfort and to a chorus of giggles to give evidence about his injuries.